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Diving a little deeper into our own separate experiences with technology, technology and teachers in schools and how FAST technology moves!

The very first installment of a new segment called Jessica’s Pet Peeves, and goodness gracious, you better be ready! SO GOOD!

Show 124 Super Quick Re-cap!

  • When Jessica easts sleeps and breathes proposals it’s not good for Elsie
  • The harrowing story of Scott and his travel craziness
  • The influence of energies around us and how they can affect us vs when stuff simply goes WRONG
  • A mention of Podfest Chronicles, ya’ll should subscribe!
  • Elsie’s really passionate about Podfusion – really people
  • Feedback from the community about teachers and technology! Thank you Amy, you are rad.
  • The possibility that teachers in murdertown Delaware are not getting the same resources as other teachers in other parts of the country
  • A bit of Elsie’s history around technology
  • Lines around podcast consumption (and growth) are often times drawn by culture or socio-economic parameters and developers and innovators need to address these concerns
  • News!
    • Podchristmas is going on! Yaaaassss! We vier of into a discussion of Daniel’s baby arrival and memories of having babies
  • Tips!
    • Wavve the app that makes your audio bits into movies with a really cool graphic. So nice.
  • Jessica’s Pet Peeves
    • The creation of Jessica’s pet peeves, live on the show
    • Make sure that your intro matches your brand
    • Don’t kill yourself producing a daily show!
    • Stop counting your total downloads for your show!!!!!
    • Stop counting your total downloads for your show!!!!!
    • Stop counting your total downloads for your show!!!!!
  • Weird And Wild Show of The Week
    • Savings Angel

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