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Talk about wound up! We start the conversation with a very heated discussion about mansplaining. and women in media (not being there…aka not being seen…at the table…again.)

To say that we’re heated up about these subjects is, um, an understatement.

There is so much passion at the beginning of the episode that we were afraid we weren’t getting to the podcasting stuff, but oh we did! We dive into the bad behavior of Norm Pattiz from Podcast One as well as a potentially disruptive company that is wanting to innovate radio and digital audio.

And guess what? Apple…like the company…has become the official sponsor of a podcast. Listen to find out who it is!

Show 118 Super Quick Re-cap!

  • We begin with a conversation about gender in media
  • And let’s move it to a deeper conversation about gender…and it involves a somber day or reckoning
  • Jess’s search for her database to beat all databases becomes a mansplaining episode
  • “You came up into my world and maned all over it!”
  • If the tools inhibit the woman from getting their voice out, then it’s the wrong tool
  • All we want to do is to get a burger, it can’t be that complicated!
  • It seems that the Normster from Podcast One has gotten himself into some deep troubles
  • Y’all need to make sure that you can easily leave a network in case you want or need to
  • No one is stopping us from doing the exact media that we want
  • The Smithsonian has a podcast! With incredible potential
  • How some guys are coming up with a better was to listen to audio in your car…with an app
  • Did someone else ‘invent’ something that already existed?
  • The ways that 60db is bringing some innovation to the audio space…not the podcasting space…but the audio space
  • Apple is sponsoring a podcast! Right? Exclusive sponsor people!
  • Some neato innovation in podcast advertising people! It’s the post-show done podcast style
  • Focusing in on how to immerse your audience in the podcast’s world is an awesome way to power up podcast advertising
  • The Weird and Wild Show Of The Week
    • The Ability Podcast
    • Sick Boy
    • Coroner Talk
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