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There is nothing like a game of would you rather to get you out of making things too serious! Like dealing with the new podcast guidelines from the IAB!

If you’ve been wondering if podcast advertising ‘works’ from the listener side of things, Jess goes super deep about the data. You guys, there are some stats that she mentions that are gonna knock your socks off!

We also discuss the pretty huge ways that advertisers are dropping the ball and the mainly involve not targeting their buys optimally as well as the responsibility that podcasters might have because their audience kinda feels that they use the products that they advertise and OMG not having to explain erectile dysfunction to your your children.

And a Call To Action that is super fun, that we hope that you guys participate in!

Show 112 Super Quick Re-cap!

  • Sharing about International Podcast Day and what it means to the community
  • How you can be part
  • A riveting game of would you rather ensues which involves discussion about sour milk, lice, exploding poops and so much more
  • An epic Wubanub story unlike anything you’ve ever heard before
  • We really can talk about pacifiers for a very long time
  • Breaking down the latest podcast advertiser stats
  • Who know that the assisting living communities in Florida were such a hot bed?
  • If you have money to burn, should you do a giant ad buy?
  • Podcast consumers kinda don’t mind the advertising too much, how about that?
  • When there are some serious fails in advertising and what we have to say about that….and it involves penile disfunction
  • Elsie’s Tool Tips! Lie Down laptop stand “make technology cater to your lazy lifestyle”
  • Jess shares her love for the Sleep With Me Podcast!
  • Another tip from Elsie and how she released some crazy pain she was having in her thumb
  • OMG the new podcast guidelines from the IAB! Soon fun! #not
  • What are the definitions that that IAB shares? We break it down for you!
  • We have a call to action for you guys! We’ll see who does it!

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