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Show 110 Super Quick Re-cap!

  • Recording from Starbucks!
  • Elsie tries not to kill bugs, but let’s them outside
  • Elsie has a brain-fart…Jess hasn’t been gone she’s gonna be gone
  • Jess gives us the scoop about the Podcast Upfront!
  • Jealousy ensues about the awesome keynotes for the upfront
  • We discuss the PAIN of leaving your child for doing some work related thing. BLAH.
  • What Jess feels about missing her baby’s first day of school
  • Why it’s important for Jess to attend the Podcast Upfront
  • Kris from No Extra Words shares her Telebration
  • We chat about Derek Halpern and someone using his image ILLEGALLY to advertise their business
  • Jess is an awesome interviewer. That is all
  • And now we’ve gotten a chance to know Christy Haussler, the woman behind Team Podcast
  • Jenna and Bodhi Elfman are doing a super cool podcast episode for the Wondery!
  • Why Elsie loves Hamilton
  • StartUp from Gimlet is being made into a pilot for ABC! Woah
  • Jess has the coolest opinion about podcasts going Hollywood
  • So there’s this new contest for podcasts and it’s concentrating on podcasts with less than 1000 monthly downloads, which is cool
  • OMGoodness John Bukenas is amazing and he has a Diva Package, just for our She Podcasts peeps – email JohnBukenas@audioeditingsolutions.com
  • A shirt on Modcloth that was named The Podcast Co-host top in Midnight! We have totally made it!
  • We discuss what we’re wearing
  • And Jess closes with some serious deprecation about going to New York

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