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Show 099 Super Quick Re-cap!

  • 2016 is half over!
  • 99 and feeling fine…
  • We will be doing our one-two punch sessions in real life at Podcast Movement! Apply!
  • This summer is NOT summer vacation
  • Some feedback from Jessica Rhodes via Voxer
  • A Voxer conversation…Jess and Elsie are gonna try it out!
  • Feedback from a current binge listener!
  • Jessica created a human being since we created She Podcasts – woah #perspective
  • A bit of a re-cap of what’s happened up to episode 99
    • Analysis of what would have been and what has happened in the space
  • The power of having a support group to get you to the next step, or simply to FOLLOW THROUGH
  • The things we do not to let each other down
  • What it really takes to get things done for our businesses – we’re keeping it real
  • Dude. If you are pulling your hair out because of all the random podcasting tasks hire Team Podcasts!
  • iTunes Tip! If you need to get convert your WAV to MP3 you now have to do it via the menu bar! Listen for details!
  • The Gracie Awards discussion!
  • Guess what? We’ve been nominated for a New Media Europe Awarddddddd!!!!! Yeay!
    • Vote for us!
  • Vote for all the women podcasters in the Podcast Awards!
  • OMG The Feed was nominated for an Academy of Podcasters Award!
  • A very personal way of sharing how being in a podcast mastermind will be amazing a la Jess
    • When you need to get things done, you make time. Period.
  • What got Elsie to listen to a podcast about accounting

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