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Show 095 Super Quick Re-cap!

  • Elsie gushes about listening to She Podcasts
  • Jess is the flavor packet and Elsie is the noodles
  • A little workflow and behind the scenes of running She Podcasts
  • Jess is traveling and going to Minneapolis to speak about podcasting
  • Have you gotten your She Podcasts Brunch ticket yet? You really MUST
  • Elsie is writing the names of every person that’s going to the She Podcasts Brunch
  • We are using LeadDigits! Y’all need to text: NEWPODCAST to #44222 for a Podcast Creation Checklist!
  • Elsie’s Masterclass of the HeArt of Voice and Podcasting goes live TODAY (May 2) You need to sign up!
  • How a mastermind can help you create the boundaries you need to take action!
  • The Philadelphia Podcast Society Meet-up just happened and we want you to know all about it!
  • MTV is doing some pretty cool stuff via podcasts and via Snapchat!
  • Jess is not impressed with what’s going on with brands on Snapchat
  • Why Elsie thinks doing Cribs on Snapchat is brilliant
  • Have you heard of Chapsnat? You’re gonna have to listen
  • “Nothing about MTV has been cool in 20 years” says Jess
  • The news segment
    • Julian Fellow is serializing a novel via podcast
    • Elsie loves Great Expectations and Jessica almost has a heart attack #WhoLovesGreatExpectationsReally?
    • A podcast is being adapted for television
  • Team Podcast! Need some help with your podcast?
  • Remember when we used to have our schedules line up with TV Shows?
  • Jessica has been mindful! Dishes even!
  • Elsie is still on the mindful meditation train – and it’s all about rewiring her brain
  • The birth of Elsie’s bullet journaling obsession
  • A quick one-two punch of what the Bullet Journal framework is
  • Why Bullet Journaling works for those looking to take the digital planning off the computer
  • Moving from being reactive to pro-active

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