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Show 092 Super Quick Re-cap!

  • Jess and Elsie discuss introversion
  • We will be ready to be social on our super awesome LIVE She Podcasts EVENT! Yas
  • Yummy food, pretty colors, Carnivale: Brunch Bash
  • Elsie’s Tool Tips: a new feed validator, and why you need to validate your feed
  • How to sound smart when asking for help for your podcast to iTunes support
  • Malcolm Gladwell is going to have a podcast!
  • Elsie’s love for Outliers, and why you should read the book
  • We are innovating in how we work with sponsors for the show!
  • There is an amazing conversation happening around goal setting and planning for the BizChix Mastermind in the She Podcasts Facebook group
  • Sponsored content, useful, educational and community building
  • As a content producer we must test and iterate and assess, and start over again
  • “What new stuff can we test this week?”
  • Audible has some new stuff going on, including podcasts
  • Update! The new 2016 Podcasting Hall of Fame inductees have been announced
  • Elsie was featured in an article on Medium all about how much indie podcasters have to offer to public media
  • Goodness gracious Team Podcast is on the She Podcasts sponsor team! And it’s the best thing ever
  • Jess let’s us know about WhoHaHa and how it could impact funny female talents out there
  • Really powerful examples of new ways to engage with advertisers as well as the power of social media to make connections
  • LOVE to the women that support us and our She Podcasts community. Both Jess and Elsie are super grateful

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