088 Calling Out Nick Quah And The Podcaster’s Manifesto

088 Calling Out Nick Quah And The Podcaster’s Manifesto


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Show 088 Super Quick Re-cap!

  • Quick catch-up with overwhelm and more
  • Our Facebook Group hit 3000 people! Yahoo!
  • Jess is punch drunk EXHAUSTED
  • All the crap that we have to do – continues – it never ends
  • Finalizing the event for Podcast Movement!!! We are excited
  • The news! The Infinite Dial 2016, we discuss the data
  • Diving into the latest Hot Pod!
  • All of us are trying to compete for audience in iTunes – STOP IT!
  • Breaking down how the algorithm works in iTunes
  • Being high on the iTunes charts does NOT measure the value of your podcast
  • The iTunes algorithm will not measure your podcast’s success
  • There are courses that are all about getting you featured in New & Noteworthy. WHAT???
  • We have a new sponsor! The coolest podcast mastermind EVER
  • Audio feedback from Heather Ordover about what it feels like to have the professional radio folks coming into the podcasting scene
  • How do we deal with the dismissal of our work or our relevance
  • You cannot take over and not honor those that have been there before you
  • What are the cons of PROcasters coming into the podcasting space and being so vocal?
  • A public appeal to Nick Quah from Hot Pod #UnitedWePodcast
  • The power of podcasting is beyond the download, where’s the recognition?
  • LOVE from Elsie for Dave and Ray – Bossjock and Podcast Helper

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  • I don’t get to listen as often as I’d like but when I do, I am always SOOO glad when it is an episode where you guys disagree on something. At first I was confused as to why I would enjoy what is essentially just an argument with no winner, but then I realized why…

    The way in which you each state your “side” leaves room for me to THINK FOR MYSELF and come to my own conclusion. Your stances are strong but I never feel like I am being railroaded into one viewpoint. The mutual respect is inspiring and genuinely helpful from a listener perspective.

    Basically, this is my very long winded way of saying thanks! This episode was great!

  • Catching up on past episodes and this discussion is firing me up.

    Jessica, you are right that more big producers in podcasting brings more listeners, but so much focus on them leads people to believe that is what podcasting sounds like. The problem with Jane Doe down the street listening to only NPR style podcasts is that she never for a second thinks that it is something she can do.

    Podcasting is a medium that is open to everyone, but fewer people think they can do it because they think every show needs to have a staff of people making stingers, doing research and recording segments.

    The number one reason I started my own podcast was because I listened to other “nobodies” sharing their thoughts about Harry Potter and 80s music and food and I realized I could do that too. I had been listening to public radio for 3 decades at that point and never once thought I could make radio.