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Show 087 Super Quick Re-cap!

  • Quick abbreviation of the ‘lost episode’
  • Big lesson? Redundancy and back-up people. ALWAYS.
  • Florida Podfest 2016 Re-cap a la Jess!
  • Bottom line…you MUST attend Podfest next year!
  • And holy cow, we are having a super SWEEET meet-up/brunch in Chicago for Podcast Movement.
  • Use our coupon code for Podcast Movement $40 off! SP40
  • More insight into iTunes Podcasts Connect, plus an awesome tutorial that’s coming up all about it!
  • Elsie’s latest podcast binge is a video podcast #shockandawe and it’s Kicking and Screaming by Jenna and Bodhi Elfman!
  • Random tip of the episode, the app Oximeter that measures your heart rate and your oxygen levels
  • And the obsession with Snapchat has begun! FOLLOW US!!!
  • Awesome feedback from Patrick and Kirsti all about our episode on automatic DMs
  • If you feel pressure about being on a social media platform, DON’T DO IT
  • If you are excited about a social media platform DO IT!
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