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078 Christy Haussler, Podcast Helping Superstar: SP Interview Series

Christy Haussler interview

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Super Quick Re-cap!

  • The southern girl is introduced!
  • Dogs! So many!
  • How Christy started podcasting, and The Brick and Mortar Reporter is born
  • The birth of a business from not being able to get the service that you want
  • The power of keeping local local and in the US. Yas
  • Why do contractors vs employees
  • Oh goodness, bureaucracy can really mess things up
  • Christy didn't realize the reality of podcasting and that you need a path to get ‘there'
  • We assume if people love what we do, they'll reach out to us…um, not
  • Podcasting can become your most expensive hobby. Watch out!
  • Not all podcasts or listeners are meant to be there forever
  • Christy Hauler does dangerous work…by answering questions
  • “From my experience this is what's worked for me” and how powerful that is when answering questions about podcasting
  • What's Christy's worst experience in a Facebook Group
  • How business comes in to Team Podcast
  • What Team Podcasts does and OMG life saver!

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Amanda Krill


  1. Deanna Lyn

    I really enjoyed this episode, I can so relate to the marketing and how to create an income from my podcast.Thanks for making me feel I am not alone.

    • Elsie Escobar

      Soon glad that it helped you feel that! Sometimes it feels like we’re lost in some lonely void 😉


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