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Show 076 Quick-Guide

  • Ah, yes, Elsie is frazzled
  • Holy monkeys, there are no shownotes!
  • The Thanksgiving low-down from Elsie and Jess
  • The flawed perfection of Jess’s baby boy
  • Elsie has no oven
  • A conversation about children eating their parents
  • Carving time to set your goals a la Elsie, and when you have SO many things to do
  • Elsie’s tips on prepping for next year
    • Take note of the negative + positive feelings and experiences that you are having right now, and NOTE THEM, so that you can make sure you DO or DON’T do next year.
    • What is the data that you wish you had right now
  • Jessica wants planning ahead!
  • We will spiff up what we already have! We will not start creating more stuff!
  • Elsie goes off about the voice that is MISSING in podcasting
  • Are the Mom and Pop’s stores in podcasting going to go missing?
  • Podcasting as self expression and building community – will that go away?
  • Power to the people!

Feedback request!

Are the smaller podcasters going to be pushed out?

Should Elsie pursue Power To The People?

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