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Show 075 Quick-Guide

  • Coffee talk – cold brew and Keurig
  • Are we annoying the Canadian listeners celebrating Thanksgiving?
  • Big shout-out to one of the best sound editors ever, John Bukenas!
  • John is not in charge of giving Jess the mic smack down
  • Follow up on our awesome gift guide – update on cute socks for Elsie
  • Elsie needs special warm socks because she doesn’t have central heating – she has a rocket stove
  • Another lovely cool techie gift – a cool health monitoring bracelet
  • Is measuring your health a good thing or a bad thing, a massive dialogue begins
  • Can you get addicted to tracking your health?
  • Space and your internal Source – Jessica wonders what these nutty Elsie words mean
  • Hunger, hungry, space, tinfoil hat moment a la Elsie
  • The perception of time is debated – what podcast is this again?
  • Copyright infringement and Creative Commons feedback to Jess’s chagrin
  • It’s thankfulness time!
  • What Elsie and Jess are most thankful about each other
  • What food Elsie and Jess will be the most thankful for
  • Oh my – lessons learned this year that the ladies are grateful for
  • What book or movie have Jess and Elsie grateful in 2015
  • What personal accomplishment have Jess and Elsie been thankful for
  • What disappointment Jess and Elsie are thankful for
  • What new skill are Jess and Elsie grateful for
  • Oh my! Habit talk time! And one to be grateful for
  • The ONE thing to Jess and Elsie are grateful for

Feedback request!

Weigh in all: to track or not to track?

What are the quirky things that you have for Thanksgiving dinner?

What are you the most thankful for?

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