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074 The 2015 Super-sized SuperFLY She Podcasts Gift Guide

074 The 2015 Super-sized SuperFLY She Podcasts Gift Guide

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The ONLY Gift Guide you’ll thoroughly enjoy

We do believe that you’ll find at LEAST one super fun and unique gift idea by listening to this super sized episode, and believe us, it is supersized.

In fact, we mentioned SO MUCH STUFF, that I would have been unable to finish these shownotes because the bullet point list would have gone on forever and I would still be hyperlinking stuff!

And Jess wanted it to look pretty, soooooooo, she created the PREEEEETIEST Pinterest page EVER full of stellar gifts for you to dive into until the end of the year and deep into 2016

Feedback request!

So what do you think? Do you have any extra gifts we need to know about?

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Elsie Escobar


  1. Heather Ordover

    @20:40—have that webcam. Best. Webcam. Ever. Plays nice with everything. Sharp & clear, and not $$$$$.
    @35:05—omg, 1Password has saved my life! (Almost every day.)
    @44:00—I can’t believe you found an Otoscope WITH pictures!!! Thank you!!!

    • Elsie Escobar

      re: the Otoscope, I know right??? It’s insane. I can’t even take it. And dude your comments with time-codes are just too perfect! xoxoxoxox

  2. Heather Ordover

    @58:05—OMG!!!! Jess!!!! That. Is. PERFECT!!!! Love!!!

    • jesskupferman

      WOOT I love when you comment!


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