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Show 072 Quick-Guide

  • Let’s start out with some shout-outs!!! Hello Harry! Hello The Real Brian!
  • Y’all need to sign up for our upcoming webinar that is all about Creativity in Podcasting!!!
  • Google Play Music is now open to podcasts! You can submit your podcast into Google Play Music!
  • We got some killer feedback about women getting married and working! Woah. Thanks Kris
  • Interesting piece of feedback about trolls coming down on the new Lena Dunham podcast that hasn’t even launched! Trolls, trolls, trolls. Boo
  • A baby bursts through Jess’s door with his car!
  • We start the conversation into a Facebook post about podcasting tactics that was almost 5 thousand words. Goodness gracious
  • “You are incorrect, muppet friend. You are adorable for life.” says Jess to Elsie
  • Why we decided to dive into this insane post about podcasting hacks and getting THOUSANDS of downloads in the first few weeks of launching
  • Why the worldview of POV of the advice you get is imporant before you accept advice on your podcast, or anything for that matter
  • This post is for those that have invested significantly in business systems of time and/or money. This post will not have the same impact for those that are starting with limited resources either of time, money or influence
  • The tips also assume that you are batch producing content
  • Not overwhelming your audience when you launch with hours upon hours of content makes sense, no?
  • Tactics are great, but they are not guaranteed, most of the time you are not able to measure what actually worked
  • If you don’t have an interview show, you cannot apply any of the tactics that Nathan shares
  • “Soft-sell them HOW. Soft-sell them WHAT? That’s not a tip!” via Jess
  • Don’t use the day’s trending hashtag on Instagram! Be mindful about how you use hashtags
  • OMG Jess makes a BOO BOO with Leadpages, she orders something she doesn’t want!
  • We need to stop Jess from randomly ordering things while we’re recording
  • Stop spamming the author field in iTunes or you will not be featured in ANY lists in iTunes. They will remove you

Feedback request!

What do you guys think about our comments on Nathan? Were we too harsh? Do you disagree with us?

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