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Show 071 Quick-Guide

  • We tried to Blab and total fail
  • And then we fail again, when the wrong shownotes are shared
  • Elsie doesn’t have her computer and we are BOTH jonesing
  • How a woman in a meeting would say famous quotes a la Elsie and Jess
  • Diving into Jennifer Lawrence and her essay all about speaking up!
  • New and young, does that element play in how we express ourselves as women
  • One of the biggest reasons that Elsie quit acting
  • A discussion of how hard it is for us to negotiate for ourselves, agents should do a better job
  • Oh, no, Jess goes off a little bit on Bradley Cooper
  • And example of what it takes for women to move up from Jess
  • How culture and our personality tendencies affect the way that we communicate
  • It seems that we are passive aggressive, great
  • We all need to be clear about how to do business with one another
  • It’s time to change the conversation around women in media!
  • Mr. Selfridge, the new Elsie obsession
  • “What am I chopped liver?” – Jess
  • Elsie asks some advice about a very touchy subject, discuss amongst yourselves

Feedback request!

Are you direct in your conversations?

What would you do as a producer if you get the type of message that Elsie got? What would you respond?

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