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Show 069 Quick-Guide

  • Why Elsie has resistance to doing Blabs for She Podcasts – at least for the moment
  • Come check us out live on Blab! 11am EST Wednesday for our live recording of She Podcasts
  • The run-down of the awesomeness of our upcoming webinar – all about the platform model as an advertising model
  • Sponsor banter works – so work with us
  • Ginger gives us some feedback about Downton Abbey and
  • A Governess and a Ladies Maid aka Jess and Elsie
  • Shout out to the mighty John Bukenas our fabulous audio editor!
  • Email feedback about Blue Microphones and Elsie’s stance
  • Making Dad sent us another awesome Skype alternative complete with jingle
  • Another really cute iOS app alternative for Skype that’s kinda like Blab for audio
  • What do you do when you’ve been podcasting for a while and you are “not growing’? What do you do?
  • The slow fade of how Elsie let go of Elsie’s Yoga Class even when things were really going well
  • What do you want from your podcast? Ask before you hit the milestones
  • Letting go of a podcast or project might open up the possibilities to create something even better
  • Elsie shares some pretty sobering stats about podcast download numbers
  • It’s time to look at monetization of podcasts from a different perspective
  • There are categories that are not business and marketing that are getting a lot more traction and have larger audiences
  • What it mean to GROW your podcast and how to think beyond VOLUME aka numbers to qualify your growth
  • Value what you currently HAVE with your podcast
  • Jessica says “We need our own app”
  • Awesome ways to cultivate your audience around a podcast app

Feedback request!

What can you do to measure podcast growth beyond the download?

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