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Show 068 Quick-Guide

  • Elsie’s new obsession – Downton Abbey – and so of course we go off an a tangent!
  • Advertising, sponsors and media kits people! That’s our next webinar!!!
  • Elsie was doing some testing people – and Jessica wonders – hmmmm.
  • Give us some feedback on the quality of our audio! We’re doing something awesome 🙂
  • Skype alternatives begin!
    • Zoom
      • There is a free account
      • It provides a recording – nice quality
      • You can take the video off and only use audio
      • They have a smartphone app
      • You download the client software
    • Fuze
      • It supports and amazing amount of people in a room with video!
      • There is a free account BUT does not provide a recording through Fuze
      • You can choose to do the conversation audio only
      • You need to record on your own, but a great way to connect with your people
      • They have a smartphone app
      • You download the client software
    • Go To Meeting
      • It is paid, no free account
      • You get the recording
      • You can just do audio if you want
      • They have a smartphone app
      • You download the client software
    • Uberconference
      • There is a free account
      • Surprising good quality from Uberconference
      • If both people are using a microphone, it sounds awesome, if your guest is on the telephone the levels are drastically off
      • It is browser based – no downloaded
    • Blab/Podclear
      • The conversation will not be private – it is a public conversation
      • There is no way to do audio only
      • They provide the recording for you, which is decent
      • It’s free!
    • Google Hangouts
      • You can do a private hangout
      • You do have the option of doing audio (I was wrong)
    • Other free conferencing services
      • not the best – use Uberconference
    • Double-enders
      • Work best when you are dealing with another podcaster or someone that has a microphone and knows how to record themselves.
    • Ringr
      • Both guests NEED to have the app downloaded
      • Both people need to be on the phone
      • Post uploading to the Ringr service might be an issue
    • RECAP
      • NOT software – this is a hardware solution
      • There might be a learning curve and workflow to make this work
  • Blue Microphones and their controversial giant poster with woman + fallic Yeti
  • Responses from the community about the Blue Microphones marketing at TwitchCon
  • Where does the marketing responsibility lie?
  • What it takes to get a marketing campaign out – a play by play by Jessica
  • Elsie wants to talk to the CEO of Blue Microphones

Feedback request!

What are YOUR Skype alternatives?

Who wants to have the CEO of Blue Microphones on the show!

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