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Show 067 Quick-Guide

  • We have a LinkedIn Webinar coming up! And we’re super excited!
  • Elsie is not an audio engineer people
  • Hey all, International Podcast Day is coming! Let us know what you’re doing using the hashtag #AskSheP
  • Yeay! Audio feedback from Collette!
  • Preparing your podcast for Fall
  • Strategy review time!
    • Why did you start to podcast? Or is it a big ’ol drag – we might just be talking to you
  • Holy cow an editorial calendar!
    • Do you have one, should you have one?
    • Elsie asks Jess hard questions around her editorial calendar for the Moneycast
  • Podcast promotion re-boot!
    • Have your audited what you’ve been doing – and some other questions to ask around your promotional campaign
  • Who’s ready to do it up with Fall promotions?
    • Jessica is overwhelmed
    • What does the holiday time mean for your audience
  • And what in the world is going on with social media ‘audience’?
    • Look at your social media stuff with a bird’s eye view
    • What are you trying to DO with your social media?
  • Holy monkeys, the holiday season is almost upon us! Are you ready?
    • We gotta plan for ourselves being away! Oh goodness gracious
    • Shownotes save the day, a little bit, since Skype was dropping out so darn much!!!
  • A great idea to serve your community via your podcast and in turn grow your stuff!
    • This is not about YOU!
    • Jess dishes loveliness about Podcast Mid-Atlantic – SO GOOD!
    • Shout-out to Anise for giving a voice to the voice-less
    • It’s time to play! Stop second-guessing yourself and do it for fun
    • Jess has ANOTHER show she’s doing

Feedback request!

What’s going on with your strategy harvesting in the Fall? Any ideas?

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