Show 041 Quick-Guide

  • Diving right into the response to the Feminist + podcasting conversation.
  • We address the opinions from the She Podcasters group.
  • Where do you stand?
  • Yoga pants are distracting – and how it applies to our current podcasting discussion.
  • Why Elsie has shyed away from the equality, feminist conversation.
  • Getting what you're worth and knowing what you're worth.
  • How to expand the conversation by narrowing the conversation to owning our own value.
  • Do we chat about race issues when we feel unqualified?
  • When Elsie played the 'Latina" card.
  • On to a FABULOUS Huffington Post article on how podcasting has has taught some mothering lessons.
  • Do you sound like you think you sound? Do you listen better when you are having an audion interview?
  • A breakdown of another innovative woman produced podcast that just came into the space! The First Day Back Podcast!
  • Elsie is the ULTIMATE stalker fangirl.
  • A little bit of a linguistic lesson about hispanic vs latino. (Please note Jess's excitement as she shares this bit of information.)
  • Ooooooh Latinos breaking into “main stream” podcasting!
  • Does a podcast belong in your marketing plan? and how to know if you should have a podcast!
  • “Podcasting will NOT save your ship from sinking!”
  • According to Howard Stern podcasting is a bunch of nonsense and shenanigans (language via Jess, not a direct quote)
  • Can you get famous JUST podcasting?
  • How do you define fame?
  • Elsie and Pam Anderson have something in common.


If we are having a conversation about one thing (that we know) should we have a conversation about everything?

Links mentioned by Elsie and Jess!

Note: The “Explicit” warning intro-song is by the lovely and talented Jen Edds from Three One Seven Sound Design – in case you're looking for someone to design your brand sound and other podcasting type stuff.


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