Show 008 Quick-Guide

  • We begin with a discussion of Ramit Sethi’s article on charging for your podcast.
  • Is your content automatically an investment?
  • Does Ramit know what a podcast is? Audio files vs podcasts
  • Who are the best negotiators?
  • Let’s chat (again) about the type of models to charge for your podcast.
  • What is the point of the Ramit article and how Elsie went out and followed his advice.
  • “You can’t charge a dollar for every thought that you have” – Jessica
  • Super fans and their tattoos!
  • How are we like Jimmy Fallon and how did Howard Stern #fail?
  • The discussion begins on the Forbes article on John Lee Dumas – get ready for your two million dollars she podcasters!
  • A little bit of the Dumas background
  • How does one “succeed” in podcasting? We break it down AGAIN – new podcasters wonder when they’re going to be bringing in the dough!
  • Jess super duper ninja tip on paying attention in podcast interviews. Hint – it involves nail polish
  • Interview with Esther Kiss on Biz Women Rock about marketing your podcast being a full-time job! – if you can’t automate marketing and scheduling = drowning
  • Jess had download shame – find out why!
  • Elsie lost a 5k download a day opportunity
  • Stephen Dubner quote: “most of the people that are very successful are anomalous for one reason or another”
  • Following a podcasting system inhibits your creativity.
  • Why Elsie and Jess are great co-hosts
  • Podcasting is a gold mine and relatively easy to make money – #NOT!
  • Once again we go down the ethnic rabbit hole…


Is podcasting a goldmine?

What do you think about charging for your podcast right out of the gate?

Are you in podcasting to make money?

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