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What To Expect In 2020 A She Podcasts Update

What To Expect In 2020? A She Podcasts Update

Not a regular episode but less than 8 min of what to expect from She Podcasts in 2020 via Elsie. Get the scoop on why we’re switching to a mid-week release, upcoming changes to the She Podcasts Super Squad and part of what we have planned in order to enhance the experience of it all, lastly announcing our very first Super Squad meet-up at Podfest!

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Elsie Escobar

Elsie Escobar

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Founded in 2014 by Elsie Escobar and Jessica Kupferman, She Podcasts was created to support women and non-binary podcasters on their podcasting journey. Through the podcast, group coaching, workshops, webinars, and other educational materials, Elsie and Jessica hope to grow the number of successful woman-hosted podcasts, thereby giving light and voice to the millions of messages that need to be shared with the world.

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