We’ve been together with each other now for over 6 years and we are still here! WOW – 300 episodes!! Remembering the audio from our very first episode (horrific audio) Try your best not to cringe 😱 First time talking about what it really takes to have a long-running podcast + Rephonic and Apple Watch Fitness thoughts Connect 302–240–3425


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  • 3:21 Audio from the very first episode – try not to cringe – and Elsie’s audio SUUUUCKS
  • Elsie reveals the tech she was using six years ago
  • 8:01 Jess pushing boundaries right away!
  • And she explains why she was so inappropriate in episode one
  • Elsie shares how she had to let go of perfectionism and gave herself permission to suck
  • 12:00 Squealing babies in the back ground
  • 14:18 The status of She Podcasts Live
  • Spoiler: we are going to have She Podcasts Live, and it’s going to be great!
  • We are leading with taking care of all the people with a robust hybrid version
  • Those of you that have previously applied to speak you should have gotten an email!
  • 19:06 How did we make it producing 300 episodes? Did we ever want to quit?
  • Being with each other has been NUMBER 1
  • We fail a lot, we forgive each other, we keep going
  • 24:25 When Elsie wanted to quit podcasting — I mean, blasphemy, right?
  • The magic of She Podcasts is all the little bits that we are, which includes our personalities
  • 34:35 Jess takes over Elsie’s Tool Tips
  • Rephonic is the most extensive podcast database with unique data and metrics – and this is where it might get frustrating for those of you that are listening
  • This platform lets you discover and contact the right shows for your clients or brand – tailored for podcasting advertising
  • 47:30 Weird & Wild Show of the Week: Apple Fitness+ (not technically a show, but you get the point)
  • It’s not a podcast; it’s a ’ walking experience ’
  • 49:10 Uh oh! Elsie brings up the “C” word (Clubhouse)
  • Sadly, the pandemic isn’t let us move around in the world – we have literally zero mobility for our bodies
  • Would you “Walk with Elsie”?
  • 51:39 All of the reasons that Jess uses her Apple Watch
  • Inertia SUCKS
  • 54:53 Scott has lost eighty pounds since the pandemic started – it’s incredible
  • Jess fell down! Eeeek!


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