Happy Podcasters Day!

Last night I had the best concert experience. I went to see Lizzo here in Philadelphia and it was one enormous self-love fest. Have you ever been to a self-love fest?

It started with one question. “When was the last time you said something nice to yourself?”

That question hurt. It's been a while. I generally have a running wish list in my head of Ways I Could Be Better, and while I'm not the talent that Lizzo is, I'm not a serial killer either. And we all deserve self-kindness.

Lizzo generally seemed overwhelmed at the love and affection the crowd was throwing at her. Like, this is her first arena tour but not her first concert. Philly fans are maniacs so maybe that was it. But it mostly seemed like she couldn't believe her LIFE.

I don't know of any other pop stars that are not just fat but really proud and happy to be so. Ann Wilson of Heart and Mama Cass used to hide their bodies. Other stars work hard to lose weight. Not Lizzo. She wore a sequin thong, she used her body as a projector screen for art, she sprawled out on a chaise lounge and belted out songs and rapped and danced with her also-fat backup dancers and she played the flute and she joked around.

At the end of the show, she said she's been in music for a really long time, and she said “take it from me, your dream CAN come true and it can be bigger than you ever even imagined.”

She gave it everything she had last night. And she will tonight and again tomorrow.When was the last time we did THAT?

I dont always give it everything I have. That seems scary. What if I did that and no one cared? Or liked it? Or what if it wasn't enough?

Don't you feel that too? What if you give it EVERYTHING and you have nothing left?

To that I ask you: What if, like me, you already HAVE nothing left and therefore you may as well put on your sequin thong and go for it?I'm going to try it. I'm tired of saying I'm going to do stuff and coming up with excuses. I'm tired of rationalizing my dreams away. And this message, on Podcaster's Day, is especially good because our podcasts are where we can be vulnerable. We can be honest. We can be HEARD.

In her words:

In case nobody told you today
You’re special
In case nobody made you believe
You’re special
Well, I will always love you the same
You’re special
I’m so glad that you’re still with us
Broken, but damn, you’re still perfect

Broken, but still perfect.

Happy Podcasters Day. You're perfect. You're beautiful. And you can do anything.

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