It’s a Super Squad Elsie Q&A where she covers: best practices for website integration options, podcast website landing pages must haves, how to get the most out of your microphone to avoid crackling and handling noise, setting clear goals for measurable success with your show, changing the name of your show and keeping the same feed, and best options for remote recording!

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Episode Recap: length 59:15

  • The best intro from Jess ever!
  • 2:36 Meet Edgar love from us!
  • 3:40 Elsie Q&A begins
  • 5:54 Website integration options
  • Chatting about the Libsyn Publisher Hub
  • Specifics about the Libsyn Podcast Page
  • 11:00 Looking at Emily’s awesome website
  • Y’all it’s not just about Libsyn, most reputable podcast hosts offer podcast pages
  • 15:30 RadioPublic Pro and it’s super cool
  • 17:17 Stephanie asks “how do we get found?”
  • 18:10 Showing off Tara McMullin’s landing page for her show What Works
  • 20:00 Creative Next landing page!
  • What are the key things that a podcast landing page needs to have
  • Explaining why listening is important and podcasing education is a must on your website!
  • A bit about shownotes and good examples
  • 31:04 what are some ways to measure success on a small scale
  • 31:50 podcast stats (from Libsyn)
  • Goals that you can measure – and assess
  • Get the scoop on exactly how Elsie would make money if she needed to – and NO she would NOT start a podcast
  • 38:01 Question about microphones that can handle changes in volume
  • Learn mic technique people! And how mic technique is like different kind of classes
  • 43:00 Mic technique truth from Elsie!
  • 48:58 What if you’re re-launching a podcast, should you keep it on the same feed?
  • 52:45 So thoughts on the best remote recording choices
  • 56:40 Google about podcasting data


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