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Show 047 Quick-Guide

  • My Podcast Reviews Rocks!
  • Jess decides to read some of our reviews from iTunes (random.)
  • Patrick from the Big Seance podcast gets a shout-out!
  • Elsie goes off on Clammr and how much she loves it – and the problems that she sees with the platform.
  • And then “look there’s a squirrel!” Dubsmash.
  • Feeling like giving up on your podcast.
  • Jess’s struggle – should I break up with my podcast?
  • Maybe it’s just about changing the terms of your relationship – with your podcast.
  • There is so much more to life than continuing to produce stuff we’re not into anymore. Yo.
  • What does it take to “re-brand.”
  • Jessica reveals all her (podcasting) struggles.
  • Elsie clears up her why in the podcasting space.
  • Jess says the entrepreneurial space is over saturated. Yes. She did say that.
  • People – stop pitching people and not knowing anything about them?
  • IS Jess just being negative? She needs a re-boot.
  • Podfading in super weird ways.
  • Cliff Ravenscraft love is in the hoooooouuuuuuuuse.
  • A little more NMX conversation, we couldn’t stop ourselves.
  • Getting off the entrepreneurial train! Dude.


Do you wanna break up with your podcast? Or change the terms?

Have your rebranded? What did you do?

Links mentioned by Elsie and Jess!

Note: The “Explicit” jingle at the beginning of this episode AND our post Podcasting School For Women commercial is by the lovely and talented Jen Edds from Three One Seven Sound Design – in case you’re looking for someone to design your brand sound and other podcasting type stuff.


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