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Show 045 Quick-Guide

  • The Jessica yoga story! Yep, Jess went to yoga.
  • And then we hear the story of Jess listening to Elsie’s Yoga Class.
  • Feedback from Heather about Latinos and Hispanics.
  • Feedback from Kat from The Blaze all about moving your social media following to your podcast audience.
  • Giving The Blaze some She Podcast feedback about social media, your podcast and more!
  • Clarifying calls to action for your peeps – people don’t know what to do!
  • All it takes is one tweet! One update!
  • Some more Instagram & podcasting tips.
  • It’s not your podcast making money, it’s YOU making more money because of your podcast – that’s different.
  • Overall podcasting stats and where YOU fall into the mix.
  • What are the median download numbers for podcasts in general and where YOU fit in!
  • How to make it worth a sponsors time to work with you – make sure you really know what your podcast numbers are.
  • If these numbers make you wanna quit because of the reality of podcast numbers and what you thought they would be – might as well quit.
  • The only way you find out what works for you in your podcast is to try things – over and over – for months.
  • YES THERE ARE A LOT OF WOMEN IN PODCASTING! – Lisa Rowan has something great for us to do.


Is finding out the reality of podcast numbers defeating to you?

Share one of your favorite female led podcasts and send us some audio feedback about it!

Links mentioned by Elsie and Jess!

Note: The “Explicit” jingle at the beginning of this episode is by the lovely and talented Jen Edds from Three One Seven Sound Design – in case you’re looking for someone to design your brand sound and other podcasting type stuff.


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