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Show 044 Quick-Guide

  • We’ll be at NMX so keep your ears out for our meet-up!!!
  • A BIG shout-out to Anna Zerin and Entertainment Drive Thru, because she let us use her post on the She Podcasts FB page to talk about!
  • Having a team is AWESOME. Elsie finally admits it.
  • We break down what what our awesome “team” does to help us get the show out there.
  • Elsie’s editing workflow involves gymnastics.
  • Checking your stats – it is a problem that we simply cannot help you with #intervention.
  • Elsie fires off some advice on packaging episodes as a way to sell sponsorship.
  • A little social media strategy, services and email ettiquette.
  • More shout-outs to other ladies hitting a year!
  • We go deep into Katie’s post on Biz Women Rock regarding how much money she’s made via podcasting.
  • When is podcasting the
  • Once again – the ultimate dream for Jess and Elsie – regarding podcasting.
  • You gotta start with one goal – one step at a time.
  • How are you measuring success for your podcast?
  • Big secret – whatever success She Podcasts has gotten has been simply putting out episodes consistently and hoping someone will listen.
  • OMG a week, a month, a week, a month. KILL ME NOW.
  • Elsie finally breaks down the exact numbers that you need to be looking at for measuring your podcasting growth.


What is YOUR podcasting money dream?

Did you start with a plan? Or did you do it She Podcasts style?

Links mentioned by Elsie and Jess!


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