Show 039 Quick-Guide

  • Quick chat about Libsyn stats for 2014.
  • The new Glamour podcast: What I Wore When
  • Why the Glamour podcast is the perfect use of podcasting as a way to expand the brand.
  • Guess where Jon Stewart went for his first interview after the Daily Show? A podcast! Wahoooo!
  • Why Jess doesn’t listen to podcasts (as much as Elsie) – her secret is revealed – and it makes total sense.
  • It’s hard to re-wire yourself to do things aka listen to podcasts if they are not part of their every day living experience.
  • And then Netflix + cable + YouTube, a discussion, and why that has to do with podcast consumption.
  • Diving into how habitual patterns of media consumption affect your podcast and what you need to think about to build your audience.
  • Podcast Primer segment! WHO.ARE.YOU. and how that affects the type of podcast you should have.
  • What kind of support are you going to need to podcast and once you launch your podcast?
  • What is your daily life like? What do you need to address in your life before you start your podcast?
  • How do YOU troubleshoot – this is a key understanding towards finding the optimal podcast support.
  • Holy crap people – an audio file is NOT a podcast.
  • What is your RSS feed? What is your iTunes link?


What type of a media consumer are YOU?

Have you re-trained yourself to consume videos? podcasts? blog posts? or are you just used to what your used to.

Do you know your RSS feed?

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