Show 038 Quick-Guide

  • Should people subscribe to your show? Is that THE THING?
  • Subscriptions are over-rated.
  • Jessica reveals what drives her to subscribe to content.
  • Who wants to eat your for breakfast and it’s ok to have Lucky Charms and Oatmeal and not have a subscription (you have to listen to understand this incredible statement.)
  • We guestimate how to figure out your subscriber base.
  • Being top of mind is more important than subscriptions.
  • Longing over podcasts that are long gone.
  • Audio feedback people!!!
  • What is essential to have when you launch a podcast? Jessica and Elsie both weigh in – you might be surprised!
  • Phase 1 is complete for She Podcasts!
  • Different examples of launching with only the minimum.
  • If you forget something before you launch – no biggie – you can change EVERYTHING.
  • OMG we have a She Podcasts SpeakPipe account!!!
  • Podcast Primer time! Your podcast’s reason for being – KEY question to answer before you launch.
  • What’s the end result of your podcast?
  • What style your show is going to be? type & length.
  • Jessica’s idea for another podcast!
  • The Limited Edition podcast & the seasonal podcast discussed.
  • Awesome discussion on super great ways to podcast that are creative and innovative via Jurymore & She Does.
  • The ladies using Instagram for podcasting! A discussion of a great launch example.
  • Getting real again – feeling podcasting envy.
  • Setting a goal + not reaching the goal + feeling sad about it = eating ice-cream #FTW.
  • Befriending vs hating.


Is having subscriptions to your podcast really important?

What’s the end result of your podcast? Share with us!

Do you ever feel like you are not doing enough? Or feeling defeated you didn’t hit your goals?

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