Show 037 Quick-Guide

  • What if you get asked to be on a show and you’re just not a good fit? What do you do?
  • How much information is too much information to give a potential guest.
  • Vet your guests people – personalize the email just a little bit.
  • The mighty Natalie shares who her team is.
  • The process of delegating bit by bit to your team.
  • Natalie breaks down her process/workflow for prepping for each episode.
  • How a VA can make your show prep notes off the hook awesome.
  • “I’m not here to build your community” (guess who said that?)
  • Dudes do not have a hard time saying no. It’s time to say NO.
  • “I’m not sorry and it’s my show.”
  • Speaking up and getting used to saying NO.
  • We chat about what’s going on with women in tech, right now.
  • It seems girls and boys play different.
  • Trolls vs Bullies. Women are in danger.
  • IS there an energetic difference between primarily male Facebook groups and primarily women facebook groups?
  • We do have male listeners, yes we do.
  • Back on to the workflow conversation! 45 minutes in…
  • Referencing other episodes, is a great practice #NoteToSelf
  • Natalie has a great idea of clumping certain topics together of your episodes.
  • Working with different time zones is HARD – pretty big adjustment.
  • How many hours a week does it take to create a 5 days a week podcast?
  • Get the scoop on how many hours it REALLY takes to produce ONE episode.
  • New & Noteworthy is NOT ALL THAT. Repeat after us – NOT all that.
  • Natalie has a great guess about the iTunes New & Noteworthy algorithm.
  • If you don’t LOVE podcasting and you think this is THE solution you’ve been looking for – STOP – It’s a big big big undertaking.
  • When it’s a disservice to get behind the mic and when it’s ok to s.t.o.p. aka podfade.
  • We get real again about what it takes to podcast.


How long does it take to produce each podcast episode?

Do you have help?

Are you ready to podcast?

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