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037 Outsourcing Workflows and Sorry Not Sorry

037 Outsourcing Workflows and Sorry Not Sorry

Show 037 Quick-Guide

  • What if you get asked to be on a show and you’re just not a good fit? What do you do?
  • How much information is too much information to give a potential guest.
  • Vet your guests people – personalize the email just a little bit.
  • The mighty Natalie shares who her team is.
  • The process of delegating bit by bit to your team.
  • Natalie breaks down her process/workflow for prepping for each episode.
  • How a VA can make your show prep notes off the hook awesome.
  • “I’m not here to build your community” (guess who said that?)
  • Dudes do not have a hard time saying no. It’s time to say NO.
  • “I’m not sorry and it’s my show.”
  • Speaking up and getting used to saying NO.
  • We chat about what’s going on with women in tech, right now.
  • It seems girls and boys play different.
  • Trolls vs Bullies. Women are in danger.
  • IS there an energetic difference between primarily male Facebook groups and primarily women facebook groups?
  • We do have male listeners, yes we do.
  • Back on to the workflow conversation! 45 minutes in…
  • Referencing other episodes, is a great practice #NoteToSelf
  • Natalie has a great idea of clumping certain topics together of your episodes.
  • Working with different time zones is HARD – pretty big adjustment.
  • How many hours a week does it take to create a 5 days a week podcast?
  • Get the scoop on how many hours it REALLY takes to produce ONE episode.
  • New & Noteworthy is NOT ALL THAT. Repeat after us – NOT all that.
  • Natalie has a great guess about the iTunes New & Noteworthy algorithm.
  • If you don’t LOVE podcasting and you think this is THE solution you’ve been looking for – STOP – It’s a big big big undertaking.
  • When it’s a disservice to get behind the mic and when it’s ok to s.t.o.p. aka podfade.
  • We get real again about what it takes to podcast.


How long does it take to produce each podcast episode?

Do you have help?

Are you ready to podcast?

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Elsie Escobar


  1. carrie (digiscrapgeek)

    I have a guest guide that I send to everyone, but I always make a personal invite. My guide has the show format, and technical info, but written in a fun way. Plus all it has my contact info. I point out to veteran podcasters that they can find that info there if they feel they need it. Otherwise, it’s just old hat. Those new to podcasting have found it really helpful. I’m trying to make everyone feel comfortable, regardless of their experience.

    • Natalie Eckdahl | BizChix.com

      Carrie – It sounds like you made a great resource for your guests. The dude Elsie was talking about in the episode had all of these instructions on his home page and that coupled with the impersonal invite (to two different email addresses no less) well…yeah you heard how that was received.

  2. Natalie Eckdahl | BizChix.com

    Thank you Elsie & Jess for letting me pull up a seat to the cool girls table. Loved sharing what has helped my team produce 150 episodes in a year. I dig hearing how other people do things to so hit me up if you have some other work flow ideas She Podcasters. You all rock and I am honored to include myself in your ranks.


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