Show 036 Quick-Guide

  • The conversation of women's take on digital media begins.
  • Conversations about “are you a feminist?”
  • Mentorship is really lacking in the tech and media industries.
  • Why women's POV about media and technology is necessary.
  • Has Elsie ever experienced any sexism in her “tech” job?
  • Jess shares her experience in the corporate world.
  • What do we think about what Robert Redford said about women – and film.
  • Really? Women's contribution is being “nurturing?”
  • Jane, always the activist.
  • The whole reason Jess started her show was because she felt only ‘dudes' were being featured.
  • Where are the women Lewis Howes? Just checkin'.
  • How we discern who we have on the podcast.
  • Is it reverse sexism to only feature women?
  • Oh! A new podcast – She Does.
  • A little audio break with Saturday Night Live
  • Seeing the tides change in comedy.
  • Edison Research and the Share of Ear are going to be publishing quarterly.
  • Priming for a podcast! Step one: KNOW what a podcast IS.
  • Take responsibility to learn about the medium itself.
  • What key things you have to think about when you decide you want a podcast – MUST!


Do you feel that women in media/tech need to be highlighted more?

Have you felt alienated or marginalized in your industry because you are a woman?

To our male listeners – have you see women being marginalized?

Links mentioned by Elsie and Jess!


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