Show 032 Quick-Guide

  • Jumping right in to the scoop about podcasting sponsorship – you ask, we deliver.
  • What is the definition of a “seasoned podcaster” and why they are not the best to give you advice to help you make money.
  • Why did Elsie choose that definition of a ‘seasoned podcaster’.
  • A bit of history of “the podcaster” and how that plays into the culture of monetization and sponsorship in the medium.
  • Seasoned podcasters have a wealth of experience in building a fanbase, sustaining passion, workflow/hacks and creating great content – NOT how to pitch and sell their podcast.
  • The way it’s been it’s been – as advertising in podcasting stands.
  • We break down numbers – download and cash – of the podcasting advertising “standards.”
  • Time to debunk VOLUME (aka podcast download numbers) as the ONLY way to get sponsorship for your podcast.
  • Why the CPM model is not the best model for podcasting – Elsie preaches a little bit.
  • What you need to have in place before you can start looking for and negotiatiating podcast sponsors.
  • The 3 essential things that you need to get yourself a sponsor for your podcast.
  • What exactly IS crazy valuable content?
  • What is the definition of an engaged audience?
  • ENGAGEMENT + INTIMACY (you being you) = Perfect Partner Results (your perfect partner is your potential sponsor/advertiser)
  • The ultimate golden ticket to getting the perfect sponsor – and it’s NOT what you think.
  • Q&A from our She Podcasters! Erika, Kira and Carmen get their questions answered!


Thoughts on podcast sponsorship?

What are the challenges that you feel you have to get yourself a sponsor?

What are the actions that you wanna take to start to lessen those challenges?

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