Show 031 Quick-Guide Featuring 37 She Podcasters!

  1. Anne Samoilov from The Fearless Launching Show
  2. Jule Foucht from Ms. Kickass Biz
  3. Dr. Nancy Berk from Celebrity Podcast Whine At 9
  4. Marie Segares from The Creative Yarn Entrepreneur Show & NY College Chat
  5. Maggie Patterson from The Marketing Moxie Show
  6. Kelly Connor from Sunrose Yoga
  7. Donna Papacosta from The Trafcom News Podcast
  8. Pilar Orti from 21st Century Worklife
  9. Vickie Maris from Heartsong Fit With Vickie Maris
  10. Krystal O’Connor from Libsyn Live
  11. Donna Fitch from Beautiful Blog Tips and Trips
  12. Kim Trumbo from Generosity Philosophy and It’s OK To Be LGBT Podcast
  13. Michelle Matthews Calloway from The Swirl World Podcast
  14. Laura McClellan from The Productive Woman
  15. Amy Scott from Nomadtopia Radio
  16. Melissa Marks from The Blended Family Podcast
  17. Reeger Cortell from Weightloss Surgery Podcast
  18. Kelly Long from Inspiration 4 Teachers
  19. Jen Edds from The Brassy Broadcast
  20. Espree Devora from We Are LA Tech
  21. Natalie Eckdahl from The BizChix Podcast
  22. Shelia Butler from To The Trade Radio and Successful Women Talk
  23. Meredith Eisenber from Paycheck To Passion
  24. Michelle Talbert from They Met Online and the upcoming Her Power Hustle
  25. Kelly Covert and Maggie Quinn from Strong Body Whole Heart
  26. Liz Covart from Ben Franklin’s World
  27. Marianna Du Bosq from the Bilingual Avenue Podcast
  28. Lane Kennedy from The Entrepreneur Experience
  29. Heather Rampolla from Fresh Eats Radio
  30. Erika Vieira from Beauty and the Vlog
  31. Jeanne Tiberio from Healing Outside The Box
  32. Kdj from Love & Life Lessons With Kdj
  33. Rachel Dewell from Preventing HG Podcast
  34. Dvorah Lansky from Expand Your Reach And Readership Podcast
  35. Dr. Ginger Campbell from The Brain Science Podcast
  36. Kathryn Bryant from the Changeability Podcast
  37. Heather Ordover from Craftlit


THANK YOU. You have all made this year so incredible. Jess and I had no idea our community could be so smart, supportive, funny and just plain ’ol BRILLIANT.

We hope to bring women’s voices to an even more powerful place in the world of podcasting next year!

Links of ALL the hardware and software mentioned!

I really took on the challenge! And in the midst of of the awesome resources below, some of them are in fact Amazon affiliate links, in case you decide y’all wanna do some shoppin’. 😀


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