Thanks for the love and support for our last episode! Jess had her first therapy appointment, and she gives us the scoop, IAB announces their 2021 Podcast Upfront schedule, Libsyn acquires AdvertiseCast, and Entercom rebrands to Audacy. We are SO excited about #Reviews4Good and Podcasts & Pencils. Plus, chatting about Apple’s privacy updates and why YouTube is hiding dislikes.


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  • Thank you to everyone who reached out to us & Jess had her first therapy appointment on Friday
  • “I’d love to tell you that I’m a cured, but that’s not how it works.” -Jess
  • 5:34 Elsie and her daughter may or may not have ADHD and her understanding that’s one of the reasons she destroys her pencil
  • Find the right tools on your journey! We mitigate to help move forward
  • 12:19 When does your nature become your asset, and when does your nature become your liability?
  • If you have tips for us, we are open! Send them to
  • 14:15 News! Elsie will be at Podcast Movement University – Thursday, 2:00 PM
  • 14:54 IAB announces 2021 Podcast Upfront schedule: a diverse line-up featuring over two dozen established and new podcast networks
  • BTW – IAB stands for Interactive Advertising Bureau
  • There’s a massive line-up! We will report back if we hear anything crazy
  • 22:19 Libsyn announces agreements to acquire AdvertiseCast & raise $25 million in new equity commitments
  • If you have any questions, you can listen to episode #190 of the feed
  • 24:04 Challenge! #Reviews4Good is back
  • Leave reviews and 25 cents will go to a charity
  • Ask your listeners to leave reviews on Podchaser
  • 26:35 Entercom rebrands to Audacy, plans to launch exclusive podcasts on its own app
  • “I despise anything related to advertising and podcasting.” -Elsie. You must listen for the context of this quote
  • 34:45 Apple is putting out a massive privacy update
  • 37:35 Podcasts & Pencils! A lunchtime coloring break
  • Should we have a She Podcasts coloring book or coloring pages?
  • 41:07 Futuro Unidad Hinojosa is looking for a Senior Producer
  • 43:02 YouTube is experimenting with hiding dislikes to protect creators’ well-being (and be digitally ruined)


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