Welcome to The Bed Cast, where both Elsie and Jess are recording from bed! Diving into the news about Samsung Podcasts, Libsyn 5 is out, plus, we reveal the details about our first and definitely last Periscope troll. Elsie and Jess get deep at the end of the show talking about the impact of hard truths, trolls, apathy and dealing with grief and pain.


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  • Jess + Elsie are both in bed – but not for any exciting reason – also, you can actually see them if you watch us live!
  • We found out about Boompoles!
  • Again, more talk about
  • 9:12 News! There is another podcast directory aka app destination!
  • Samsung Podcasts is in the house!
  • 13:10 This is for those that don’t already have a committed relationship with podcasting – it’s making the pie bigger!
  • Elsie is all about using Castro
  • “I’m so tired of people with their intros and their intro music.” -Jess
  • Elsie says to do your intro in 15 seconds – people will skip anything longer — The shorter the show, the worse a long intro will be
  • Have you tried the Samsung podcast app? Let us know what you think by sending feedback to feedback@shepodcasts.com
  • 23:15 Libsyn 5 is live! Libsyn users you can check it out with your existing username and password.
  • There is a whole new publishing behind-the-scenes interface! You need to test it out!
  • 29:14 Finally, Jess and Elsie explain why they are recording on their beds – one has no wifi and the other one is traveling
  • 31:28 The Troll Story 🥺
  • This troll called Elsie a Nazi and called Jess a porkchop and continued to call her a mouthbreather
  • Luckily, John saved the day and deleted the Twitter livestream
  • The perils of live streaming when trolls come by, it’s like an out of body experience
  • The troll stole our joy
  • We discuss the hard topics of having someone calls you out
  • 53:14 Jess realizes that she shouldn’t be apathetic about everything and how it all stemmed from her daughter’s drug abuse, her overdose and her death
  • “I spent a really long time denying that I cared about stuff that was really bothering me.” -Jess
  • 57:08 the core of the apathy is being able to deal with the pain
  • How much is apathy playing a role in your life? Send feedback to feedback@shepocasts.com


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