Are people getting their nether regions waxed during Covid? NSFW talk ensues. Bonnie shares some pretty powerful audio feedback, Jess and Elsie debate about the appropriateness of pineapples and Common Sense Media + Apple, Google Podcasts updates and some pretty cool Elsie Tool Tips that involve headphones and fountain pens

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  • We all are having a hard time looking presentable and how did we ever find time to do everything we did to look good
  • 4:58 NSFW! Bikini Wax talk
  • Would you stick your nether regions in someone’s face right now?
  • There’s a commercial that literally says pubic hair!!!
  • Has generation Z stopped caring about being demure?
  • 13:09 Podcasting News! Wanna know when we are going live?
  • 14:29 Audio feedback from Bonnie about Jess thankfully not blowing up
  • 18:08 Apple teamed up with Common Sense media to curate podcasts for kids
  • 26:40 New Group Aims To Warn Advertisers About Podcast Perils
  • 30:49 And now why Elsie doesn’t want Jess to use pineapples
  • 34:35 IKEA has a new podcast and it’s their catalogue as audio!
  • 36:35 Google Podcasts has new ways to make sure that you are getting content that you really like
  • Elsie shares how she’s been setting up her camera when they stream together
  • Skye wrote an article for HotPod – basically, podcasting isn’t a path to Hollywood
  • 43:37 Tool Tips
  • More over the ear headphones that you can’t see when you’re on camera
  • Elsie got her first fancy pen!
  • And Jess and a funny fountain pen story


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