International Women’s Day was all about the #ChooseToChallenge hashtag and how we challenge our own biases toward gender. We jump right into a debate – do we have to learn things that we don’t care about? Plus, looking at your subscriptions in Google Podcasts, the new Spotify for women, Ambie Award nominations and finally keeping all the podcasting acquisitions clear in your own head.

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  • Getting wished a Happy Women’s Day in the wild, so exciting
  • 2:40 What should happen on International Women’s Day #choosetochallenge, people!
  • 4:20 Getting off topic right off the bat with Jess rant about not wanting to know all the things
  • Is it a gender thing where people are constantly trying to help you by telling you stuff? Elsie doesn’t think so, no
  • 10:54 Elsie finally brings it back to podcasting
  • “There is a lot of real basic misunderstanding of what even podcasting is on a technical level.” -Elsie
  • Who’s responsiblity is it to know?
  • If you want your podcast to succeed, you need to know how to optimize all of the fields
  • 14:52 Whose fault is it when it all goes wrong?
  • 16:59 Elsie shares how she works through the resistance to not wanting to know things
  • 18:32 Jess associates the resistance with gender
  • 25:24 News! How do I know how many people are subscribed to my show?
  • You can’t get a comprehensive number of subscribers – there is simply no way to know, however, there are 3 separate places where you find more specific data: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, & Google Podcasts
  • In Google Podcasts there is a place to see your subscribers!
  • 34:16 Spotify is focusing on women – they have a new campaign called “Equal”
  • Will they follow through? How will we know whether or not the initiative move forward?
  • The Spotify marketing team is awesome
  • 41:57 The Podcast Academy unveils their first Ambies Awards nominees!
  • 164 nominees! It’s mostly professional podcasts
  • Did you know that the nominations were open?
  • 51:42 It’s about pushing the podcasting industry forward
  • 55:08 Now you know who owns who in the podcasting space! So cool!


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