Sign up for Podfest Global if you haven’t already! And why it’s stressing Elsie out, do Facebook ads actually convert? Jess shares how she’s made herself the art director. We uncover what it takes to keep She Podcasts running and the importance of outsourcing on your entrepreneurial journey and being a boss. Attend the She Podcasts Mini-con! Connect 302–240–3425

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  • 1:30 Podfest and the She Podcasts Mini-con!
  • Elsie is overwhelmed with all the Podfest things and we need a back-up team
  • Jess says that Elsie is exhausting
  • Folx do yoga because they need it not because it’s easy and Elsie needs it
  • 13:20 Debate: Do Facebook ads actually convert? Jess schools Elsie
  • “We spent $5,000 on ads for our own event, and it brought in $15,000.” – Jess
  • Check out Facebook Marketing For Dummies from Andrea Vahl
  • Being a community manager takes an insane amount of time
  • 17:50 Jess’s main job is outsourcing the things that she needs done
  • A bit of a reveal of all the things that Jess and Elsie have to do in terms of workflow to actually get things done
  • 25:10 Being an entrepreneur requires coaching people
  • There really is soooo much therapy going on this episode. WOAH
  • “You have to know the right person to get the tasks done that need to get done.” -Elsie
  • 35:30 Elsie needs a partner in crime that can help her do all the things
  • Entrepreneur Tip: You need a form whenever you have a new client – they fill everything out that you need to know upfront. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!
  • Sometimes, you have to train your boss
  • Essentially, everything needs to be as simple as possible
  • There has to be a process in place when outsourcing – it will be a total game-changer
  • We reveal what we are doing for PODFEST


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