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302 Talking Lady Box

302 Talking Lady Box

If you liked Scooby-Doo as a kid, are you into true crime now? Are you on Amazon Music yet? Episode artwork looks great. Chartable podcast numbers, about, the latest beta (iOS 14.5,) subscribe vs. follow on Apple Podcasts, and a whole lot of discussion about the talking lady boxes with a special unexpected drop-in by Elsie's Mom!   Connect 302–240–3425

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  • 4:00 Poll: If you liked Scooby-Doo as a kid, are you into true crime now? feedback@shepodcasts.com – we can't wait to hear from you!

  • And onward we go into discussing the things that we would watch and play with when we were kids

  • 9:15 She Podcasts Live is open!!! It's time

  • And then we don't stop with the JINGLES —- OMGAAAAHHHH

  • 11:22 The She Podcasts Mini-con at Podfest, you must sign up with the code shepodcasts

  • Hey, look! Women!

  • 14:05 Get your ticket, get your ticket – use code – $49 for free or $50 any other ticket!

  • 14:58 Did you know that you can actually put your show on Amazon Music? We look so fancy with our episode artwork

  • 17:45 News! We've been testing a platform that we are considering using for our Q and A's – Run The World [Queue Beyoncé's Run The World (Girls)]

  • 20:47 There is a new beta release for iOS 14.5 that changes the language of subscribe to follow – NO MORE SUBSCRIBE

  • “Follow.” -Jess

  • Speculation time! Could it be to start taking payments?

  • 31:26 When you don't actually need a website for your podcast

  • 33:53 How podcasts powered through the pandemic? Jess let's us know via Chartable!

  • You can get all of the information that Jess shares in the link below!

  • Basically, people have been asking and want to know about how podcasts have thrived through the pandemic

  • Exageration – everyone in the She Podcasts group is in the Society and Culture category

  • 44:15 Talking about how to make money podcasting! SAweet 🙄

  • 46:52 The one major difference between TV and audio: our society outgrew the family experience of listening to audio in 1950; Podcasting does not have the shared watching family experience 

  • 48:07 We begin the part about talking lady boxes

  • “My lady box is very quiet. It doesn't talk. If it does, I'm not listening.” -Jess

  • 52:38 Going back to listening as a family

  • 55:46 Elsie's Mom makes and entrance after all the ladybox talk

  • 59:54 Jess reads about PODWOMAN the virtual event that Elsie will be part of

  • 1:03:15 All about Podwoman


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Elsie Escobar

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