Supporting companies that you don’t agree with? Supporting people that work for you that you don’t agree with? Who should make the choices? Who needs to moderate? Then, Spotify and their scary patent that’s moderating users’ speech. Connect 302–240–3425

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  • We jump right into the conversation of — to share or not to share, highlighted through two examples
  • Always make choices based on your values
  • 8:00 We debate, who has the responsiblity? Should providers be liable?
  • What are your thoughts? Email – we can’t wait to hear from you!
  • You are the boss!
  • When you see something you cannot unsee it anymore — it is
  • 15:50 Do we stop people from using our services if their beliefs are different from ours?
  • 17:14 Making hard decisions requires a deep look into your own behavior
  • 20:22 What does it take for folks to not cancel a company?
  • 21:33 A tweet from Daphne Keller about deplatforming internet regulations and the disparate impact of moderation tools and those that are marginalized
  • Most companies are making decisions based on obscurity – ‘hopefully no one notices what’s there.’
  • 28:47 All of these debates should go back to the mission and vision of that company
  • The way we were raised and the lens in which we were taught to use are hard to break and often post the biggest problems
  • 31:11 Elsie shares about how she was raised
  • It’s ORTHOREXIA!!!
  • 38:08 Our sponsor! Stacy Sims reveals how you can make money from podcasting! Do it!
  • 40:43 News! Spotify wants to know your emotional state, gender, age, or accent
  • Plus, they are going to monitor the background noise and speech of its users 🥺
  • Audio is very nuanced, can you gather emotion only by listening?
  • China is home to a growing market for dubious emotion recognition technology
  • And we completely devolved into crazy talk about music assumptions and people


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