Chatting about how Apple is in talks with production companies to launch a subscription service. An off we go with all the speculation! Discussing whether or not podcasting was a lousy bet for Spotify (like Jessica predicted last week – literally on the latest episode that we had – LITERALLY). Right-wing extremism & censorship in podcasting. Discovering how Condé Nast created a mess with their podcasting strategy + Elsie loves on her new M1 Mac! Connect 302–240–3425


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  • 2:10 Sanebox will keep your inbox nice and clean x
  • 3:38 News! Apple is in talks with production companies to launch a subscription service
  • Is it going to be adding more plusses?
  • It is all speculation all the time about what Apple is going to do but we have no idea
  • 12:35 The part where Jess was right about the massive purchases Spotify has made!
  • How exactly do podcast listeners become podcast listeners vs your audience
  • Do we care how people are consuming our content?
  • We debate: is the Spotify end game of converting music listeners to podcast listeners even working?
  • 16:22 While on the other hand, Yahoo Finance says to invest in Spotify – so BOTH
  • 21:05 The Bottle of Wax time
  • 23:30 Right-wing extremism is thriving via podcasts and yes, we discuss
  • So, who gets to decide what’s dangerous?
  • Misinformation is a catchy word – everything is nuanced, and it all depends
  • What platforms need to do? And based on their TOS it’s very not clear
  • 29:45 It’s all about POWER
  • 38:54 How do you scale moderating podcasts?
  • 40:30 Condé Nast created a poop show
  • TL;DR according to our audience watching live “podcasting is not easy”
  • 46:32 Tool Tips! Elsie’s M1 MacBook Air


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