This time Jess lost her audio 🥺 Very fitting for our last episode of 2020! Prepare for massive overtalk 😉 We focus on all the good and positive things that this year brought us, from kindergarten to fiber internet, fancy pajamas to pupusas and everything in between. So long 2020. Thanks for all the unexpected blessings ❤️ connect text hello to 302–240–3425


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  • 1:10 Text us: 302 240 3425
  • A story of our lastest sponsor, it’s cool!
  • 4:45 our sponsor Franciska Kosman
  • 7:15 A shout out to our exquisite Community members! Shout out to Shauna
  • The year in review begins!
  • 8:30 Let’s start with Winter: terrible – Jess
  • Podfest, lunch with our Super Squad!
  • 12:50 Spring: changing gears was rough! Pivot time! The pandemic begins – Jess
  • Teaching Isaac to read
  • Medical marijuana
  • 18:10 Elsie rediscovered online services for the girls and homeschooling
  • 20:06 An actual set up to record and getting an external camera and lights!
  • Being able to stay in one place to record was AMAZING
  • Walking consistently
  • 22:55 Summer: swimming every single day DEVELOPMENT TIME!
  • Daycare! Which means we had loads of time to develop things – J
  • Sunshine and being consistently outside – E
  • 27:15 The most life changing thing for Elsie, fiber internet opened up all of the things!
  • Remember the family of foxes that Jess had?
  • Apple TV, Apple TV+, Hulu, Disney+
  • 33:22 Another shout-out to our Community members! This time it’s Terri!
  • 33:55 Fall: Workflows begin to actually happen!
  • 34:54 We loooove Notion! And sorry this is all not particularly great for seeing stuff
  • 48:50 We love Sanebox our sponsor, and it keeps Jess sane
  • 50:03 Fancy pajamas, bread machine and kindergarten
  • 51:53 Shout-out to Sarah, who is also part of our Community!
  • 52:40 The magic of Elsie getting all the things that she wants: fiber internet, Starbucks and PUPUSAS!
  • 56:04 Elsie’s heart-felt message about what a gift podcasting has been in this year
  • 60:00 Drinking a lot more than normal and Elsie is always the buzzkill


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