Audio quality is off because Elsie’s audio track was destroyed 🥺 Although we planned on doing a look back at 2020 we ended up talking all about why or why not join a network which boiled down to THE question – what’s your price? We then finish off by looking back at the 2020 reporting hype pitting Apple Podcasts vs Spotify connect 302–240–3425


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  • 2:45 FEEDBACK: Why join a network vs. why not?
  • It seems that most podcasters would hold on to creative control and not get the paycheck
  • Elsie says that it’s possibly because most podcasters are completely disconnected from actually getting paid so it doesn’t feel real
  • Why would you join a podcast network
  • As a podcaster what exactly would you be willing to give up?
  • 16:50 What’s your price? Know it!
  • You need to know what you are getting into when you create a partnership with folks
  • 25:06 An ad for Sanebox! Via Jessica
  • 27:13 Super cool new project coming out from Georgetown!
  • And Elsie makes a prediction about multi-lingual podcasts
  • 30:10 Elsie’s Look-back 2020
  • 31:41 Oh the hype of Spotify being bigger or beating up Apple Podcasts
  • The truth, Spotify is for sure growing and they have an amazing marketing team, the end
  • 35:08 The Spotify Wrapped 2020 is genius
  • How amazing would it be if Apple did that for us?



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