As we go into Thanksgiving week a recap of how the COVID–19 surge has been affecting both Elsie and Jess, which leads them down the rabbit hole of holiday preparations and cooking #fails. In the podcasting realm, the power of host read ads, preparing for not making money with sponsors and 2 new super cool tech tools!


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  • :58 Jess guesses how Elsie is doing now that everyone is getting COVID
  • “Nothing is different.” -Elsie
  • Jess on the other hand has things going on with school and all the things
  • 4:45 Elsie shares the children’s schedule and their outing in town once a week
  • 8:36 Whole Foods is sold out of turkeys already
  • Jess tries to convince Elsie to cook the turkey while Elsie is not quite amped up to cook one
  • Jess says Thanksgiving is one of the only meals that she knows how to cook
  • 11:07 Elsie failed at roasting a chicken and more Thanksgiving preparation stories
  • 19:30 NEWS: Podcast ads perform, host-reads outperform
  • Announcer-reads generated 11 lifts, while host-reads generated 91% more, for a total of 21 lifts.
  • Overall, read the ad yourself
  • If you want to prerecord the ad, do so, but keep in mind if you make it sound recorded, then you are not doing your advertiser any service
  • 25:55 Two great quotes that are about making sure that you as a podcaster are aware of the advertising space
  • Sherpa leggins!!!! What???
  • 31:20 Elsie’s daughters are into an anime series called My Hero Academia and how weird it was that she’s getting articles suggested that have to do with that topic!
  • 33:02 Buzzsprout has added some extra tags to their podcast feeds
  • It is a cool functionality but as with anything else the tool only works when you have the workflow optimized
  • What do you think of this new functionality from Buzzsprout? Send us feedback!
  • A lot of people just do things for their podcast but never ask if that work is giving them results
  • 42:30 Tool Tips: Little recorders! Zoom F2 and Zoom F2- BT
  • Elsie bought a new toy called Camo!
  • 46:45 Elsie and Jess are doing their QAs via Zoom instead of what we were using before!


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