Audio feedback about our Quibi conversation! Build relationships with mentors who have the expertise – you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Also, She Podcasts in Audible! Adweek’s Podcasts of the Year for 2020; is it really a podcast if there are only ten episodes? Stay tuned as we dive into the annual growth of podcast listeners and how ad dollars are booming.


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  • 0:45 Elsie is without power and all the learning that came from that
  • 8:19 Super Squad: Elsie will talk about how to optimize your podcasting equipment to be able to record and function whether or not you have power
  • “I’m not bound to one way of doing things” – Elsie’s podcasting wisdom
  • 10:48 Feedback on our Quibi conversation
  • The most important thing is to start building relationships
  • And it seems that emotions
  • 20:28 We have more feedback about why there was a missing Amazon Music episode of She Podcasts
  • 23:00 Tool Tips! The Libsyn 5 interface!
  • 24:36 She Podcasts is in Audible
  • How Jess reads books and how Elsie reads books
  • 31:50 Why having your show in Audible will matter to growing podcasting
  • You have to search for Elsie or Jess on Audible; searching for She Podcasts is more challenging
  • Tip: having a hard time finding your show on Audible? Search for your name!
  • 34:03 Adweek releases Podcasts of the year
  • It IS a podcast even if it has an end! Send us feedback
  • 43:44 Jess wonders why Elsie keeps saying her full name
  • 45:02 Podcast engagement and host read ad data is doing just peachy
  • Such amazing data on the amazingness of host read ads
  • Elsie admits she knows she needs to not make the ads so long
  • 54:00 Dynamic microphones, recieving feedback, why we did not talk about the election.


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