Show 029 Quick-Guide

  • Baby chat and why he isn’t on the show this time
  • What is the reality of having a new baby – 4 weeks post partum
  • Anxiety, planning and hormones, we totally go there
  • How do you deal with producing your content when life gets hard?
  • We will check back in with Jess in another 4 weeks to see how she’s doing
  • Are conferences about podcasting addressing women’s needs?
  • Touching base on Jess and Elsie’s experience attending the podcast conferences
  • Dr. Ginger Campbell sends us some feedback about podcasting for the holidays!
  • We hear the baby and he is hangry
  • Hear what Kate Sitka does to differenciate herself from the norm, more audio feedback
  • Elsie is “pissed off” about a podcasting article on Variety
  • FYI the geeks will inherit the earth
  • Can NPR translate to television?
  • Irky is Elsie’s color – anybody up for making a t-shirt for her?
  • Elsie really doesn’t feel that volume = success in podcasting AT ALL.
  • And then there is the 3 yr old daughter interruption
  • Is Serial really that good? Jessica is sick of it
  • Elsie start to stutter uncontrollably about her feelings about a big name in the space experiment with his show Start-Up style.
  • A fired up conversation about people adopting huge aspects of somebody else’s very successful brand
  • Have we helped anyone today? We certainly hope so!


Have you ever hit a massive wall because LIFE hot totally hard all of a sudden? Did you keep podcasting? Or did you simply say ‘screw it.’

What do you do when you have an idea and you can’t follow through?

Is podcasting an immature category? Discuss amongst yourselves.

How do you feel if someone in your industry starts to experiment with a style/format that is exactly like someone else?

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