This is the second time that we are recording episode 288 – YAY TECHNOLOGY. And the trauma and frustration of podcast recording. UGH. Spotify news, grants for podcasters, Google Podcasts Manager complexity, and don’t start a new podcasting thing without doing some research first! Google it.


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  • Tech issues! UGH lost the audio
  • “I am very grouchy right now because of tech problems.” -Jess
  • There’s nothing worse than recording a show, and it doesn’t work and we talk through that whole thing
  • 7:15 Looking at using Streamyard and
  • 8:42 “I do feel hostile.” -Jess
  • Internal discussion on not sprining new technology
  • 12:51 NEWS: We have feedback from Vanessa!
  • 14:56 Spotify social cards are here! They are continuing to do things to promote podcasts to grow SPOTIFY
  • 17:13 Spotify has made it easy for everyone to live out their DJ dreams
  • But FYI, it’s NOT a podcast, it’s a mixed tape
  • 28:25 Microgrants for Black and brown women podcasters
  • What would Elsie spend 1k on for her show
  • What would YOU spend 1k on? Send us your feedback!
  • 32:13 We have a Google Podcasts Manager and the She Podcasts Team needs help
  • 38:15 How to negotiate podcast IP
  • 39:06 A discusssion about Podcasts In Color vs. Podcast In Color
  • 47:46 Produce your podcast and what’s new in the She Podcasts Super Squad!


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