We’re sorry teachers! We hear you! And we discuss your feedback. We know it’s a terrible time to be a teacher; even before COVID, it was a terrible time to be a teacher. Then, in Joe Rogan news- he apologized for the first time in history 🙄 Plus, we talk Amazon Music having podcasts. Stay tuned as Elsie gives her TOOL TIPS because she has FIBER INTERNET!!!


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  • It’s cold and wowza…Elsie has has proper internet and looking not homeless
  • 7:27 Podcasting, Seriously our sponsor, has another new webinar coming up!
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  • Happy New Year via Jess
  • 13:28 We were not thoughtful about our words when we were talking about teachers and the mighty Patrick Keller had some things to day
  • Intention does not equal impact
  • 15:16 Patrick’s pointed feedback – and we hear you and respect you <3
  • Jess knows a lot of teachers; she knows their struggles
  • 22:05 Feedback about teachers from Emily
  • 23:30 If you have feedback, send it along! Feedback@shepodcasts.com
  • 23:15 NEWS: Joe Rogan admits he f*ed up by spreading a conspiracy theory about California and Oregon wildfires
  • Joe Rogan has never apologized for his content before
  • Podcasts have a lot of influence, what is the responsibility you have about your opinion
  • Should we curb our language? Is it our responsibility?
  • 39:48 BRILLIANT insight from Jennie Wetter in our chat!
  • “We have a lot more power than we think.” -Elsie
  • 45:10 It’s time to speak up
  • 46:13 Elsie shares how Jess helped her see how larger clothing sizes matter and it’s not larger people’s responsibility to advocate for themselves always – it’s our job
  • 51:43 Dr. Ginger’s new book and why it aligns perfectly with this convo
  • 52:30 Amazon Music now has podcasts. They look fantastic online, supporting episode artwork!
  • They removed at least one of the questionable issues with their TOS
  • Elsie reveals some stats about Amazon Music shared on The Feed – WOAH
  • 59:18 Sign up for Libsyn 5 Beta! Check out the fun new Libsyn Plater on episode 284!
  • 1:00:20 TOOL TIPS: Elsie has her Fiber internet! SHE IS IN HEAVEN!!!
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