The future of trick-or-treating and why you need to get your absentee ballot ASAP. We then hop into the news and talk about the graphic suicide video that spread on social media, which brings us to discuss algorithmic irresponsibility as it pertains to podcasting. Then Parcast has unionized! TL;DR podcasting is hard. Who has time to work on their own podcast? And, we have a very intriguing Weird and Wild Show of The Week!

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  • And yes, we were doing the livestream wrong
  • 2:55 Jess and her anniversary story
  • 5:06 The way that we celebrate things are based around other humans and specialness
  • John’s favorite Halloween thing is Elsie’s trick-or-treating Instagram story
  • Is trick-or-treating canceled? Instead, hide candy like it’s Easter
  • 8:26 Elsie got her absentee ballot
  • 10:43 Our sponsor Podcasting, Seriously, you must sign up for the next webinar!
  • 12:29 NEWS: Graphic video of suicide spreads on social media
  • Who is to blame? Algorithmic irresponsibility
  • Some algorithms need to be looked into again
  • More thoughts on Facebook’s algorithms
  • 32:47 Parcast has unionized
  • Podcasting is hard! It’s none stop work!
  • All of the crappy things about podcasting happen after we hit record
  • “If this weren’t so much fun, we would never podcast.” -John
  • The She Podcasts Team might have a hard time creating a union
  • 47:07 Elsie used to stream via Ustream back in the day!
  • 48:06 Dr. Ginger Campbell! Our second sponsor! You need to have her on your show
  • 50:13 Weird & Wild Show of the Week
  • The Catholic Church is reporting on itself via their newest podcast
  • 52:00 The perfect footwear for the upcoming cold season!
  • And more talk about cozy shoes
  • 58:26 Hire Produce Your Podcast to help your show!


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