Yep, you MUST head over to Podcasting, Seriously – like STAT. Then, we talk about how the Apple Watch podcast counts are finally being corrected by the AIB, diving into Spotify and Joe Budden drama, royalty possibly coming onto the platform and Elsie is very excited about the Zoom Podtrak P4!

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  • 1:08 Welcome Podcasting, Seriously! Our newest sponsor – and Elsie gushes
  • 4:31 NEWS
  • The AIB has said they will no longer count Apple Watch downloads
  • 7:22 Libsyn actually asked Apple about this a long time ago
  • 9:03 There is no way to measure your podcast audience accurately
  • “A download does not equal a person.” -Elsie
  • 10:43 Patrick shout out! #SuperSquadder
  • 11:08 Spotify NEWS
  • Joe Budden is taking his podcast off of Spotify
  • Spotify goes after big podcasts because they want the listeners
  • Only about the top 10% of podcasters actually make a living in podcasting
  • 15:47 Royalty is coming into the scene! Harry and Meghan are coming to podcasting!
  • 21:18 Emily is on the front page of the website! LOVE Emily!!!
  • 22:49 Dr. Ginger Campbell is looking to be a guest on shows! Makes sure that you email 👊🏽
  • 25:06 TOOL TIPS
  • There is a new tool in town: Zoom PodTrak P4
  • 30:06 Issaac shows off his haircut
  • 31:53 Produce Your Podcast is the best thing ever! And shout out to Holly, she’s a genius


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